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About this site

What’s On At Queen’s is the central source for information on the university’s events.

How do I submit an event?

Only Queen’s University Belfast staff or those promoting Queen’s University Belfast sponsored student events can submit events.

The primary method for an event to appear on What’s On is by publishing the event on your faculty/school/department’s website.  The event listing will then be discoverable by an automated search that will pull the event information across to What’s On.  Please contact the website administrator in your department to get your event published.

Note for T4 CMS users - when entering the event in to the CMS, please ensure the event is entered as a ‘DTP – Event Listing’ item.  This allows the event to be discovered by the automated search.  ‘News’ items will not be picked up in the search.

For those without T4 access, the alternative method for an event to appear on What’s On is to submit the event details (date, time, venue, audience, event type, cost, registration link, contact details, image, event blurb) via email to Publication of events is at the discretion of the calendar administrator.

What events can be posted?

Approved events that are hosted or sponsored by Queen’s University Belfast and its representatives may be advertised on What’s On. Events must be open to the Queen’s University Belfast community or open to the public.  Examples of such events include (but are not limited to): lectures, conferences, webinars, exhibitions, performances, fairs, sporting events, workshops, open days and information sessions.

Outside companies or organisations may not post events.

If you are unsure whether your event can be listed on What’s On please contact the Calendar Administrator -

When will events be posted?

Published events will be posted on What’s On generally within 8 hours of submission. The calendar administrator reviews newly published events regularly to check the content.

Events submitted to the calendar administrator by email will generally be posted on What’s On within 24 hours of submission.

If an event does not appear to meet the requirements, it will be removed from What’s On.  Publication of events on What’s On is at the discretion of the Calendar Administrator.

Can my event be a ‘featured event’?

Featured events are managed by the Calendar Administrator, who will review suitability against criteria established by Queen’s University Communications department.  Please contact the Calendar Administrator directly with your request –

How do I edit event information on the calendar?

If the event has been published to your department’s events website, please contact your website administrator to edit the event listing.

If the event was submitted directly to please email through the requested changes.

Best practice for event listings on What's On at Queen's

What’s On is a public site, so all event listings will be visible to a wide ranging audience.  It’s important when creating the event listing that it contains information that will make sense to all viewers.

Images – Include a high quality image in the listing (ideally 960 w x 540 h).  Avoid using images with text – for example, please do not upload posters with lots of text-based information.  Ensure you have permission to use the image.  If you don’t have an image please refer to Brand Hub, which is the home for Queen’s University Belfast generic images.  The images on Brand Hub are free for staff to use, as long as they are used in connection with the promotion of the University.  You will need to request access via the Brand Hub homepage if you do not already have an account.

Managing Event Registrations – Event registration can be captured in many ways.  The most common methods are via Eventbrite, MS Forms or Google Forms.  Please ensure you include a link to the registration in the ‘Booking link’ field.

Tags – Including 2 – 4 descriptive key words in the tags field will help your listing be indexed in relevant search queries within the Queen’s website and will group common events together. For example, the NI Science Festival event ‘QUB Marine Lab Open Day’ might be tagged with the keywords: NI Science Festival, marine biology, science.  It is important to use the same tag style consistently across common events so users can easily find related postings.

Publishing Timelines – The publication timing of an event can be pre-set using the ‘Publish Date’ field under the ‘Options’ tab in the event listing.  This feature can be used to delay the publication of the event until a set date in the future.  Note this will delay publication to both the local page and to What’s On.  If you do not set the publication timing, the event will publish according to standard timelines established by Information Services.

Expiry Date - it is best practice to set an expiry date for your event listing. This can be done in the Options tab of the content piece in the CMS.  An expiry date means your event will automatically be removed from display on the date selected and will be archived so that it can be included in reporting data.

Terms of use

Events and event submissions must comply with the following Queen’s University Belfast policies:

Code of Conduct

Information Security and Acceptable Use

Event Health and Safety

Safeguarding Children/Vulnerable Adults

Copies of policies can be found on the QUB People and Culture site

The Calendar Administrator reserves the right to delete and/or edit event listings if the information provided does not meet the above mentioned criteria or violates university policy or local laws.

Have questions, feedback or still need help?

Please contact the calendar administrator -

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