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ABA doctoral student published

PhD student Caleb Coyle (passed his viva in Dec 2018) and supervisor Prof Karola Dillenburger have published a paper describing the development of ‘The good inclusion game (GIG), an...

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MScABA student published in autism journal

Research completed by MScABA student Melanie Howell under the supervision of Dr Katerina Dounavi and with the contribution of Dr Catherine Storey is now in press in the Review Journal of Autism...

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Dr Katerina Dounavi delivered invited speech at 4th Autism Congress in Lille, France

Dr Katerina Dounavi presented scientific facts about autism, highlighted the importance of early detection and discussed universal access to ABA-based interventions as an ethical response to a...

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Study published in flagship autism journal

PhD students Jenny Ferguson and Emma Craig, together with their supervisor Katerina Dounavi, published a systematic literature review on the delivery of behaviour analytic interventions through...

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Using Precision Teaching with dermatology students

CBA members collaborated with colleagues from the University's School of Medicine to publish an article on the use of Precision Teaching to teach dermatology students effectively. An intervention...

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