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Professor Karola Dillenburger, BCBA-D, Director of the Centre for Behaviour Analysis

Dr Katerina Dounavi, BCBA-D, Deputy Director of the Centre for Behaviour Analysis

Dr Nichola Booth, BCBA-D Programme Director MSc ABA

Dr Jenny Ferguson, BCBA-D



Some of our PhD students and their current projects are listed below.

Name Thesis Title
Ms Elena Clo BCBA Conditioned reinforcement and its application to the teaching of children with autism
Mr Michael Nicolosi BCBA Addressing the core symptoms of severe autism spectrum disorder: Effectiveness of intensive behavioural interventions for adolescents and young adults
Yianna Konstantinidou BCBA

Behavioural Staff Training In Social Care For Adults With Autism And Learning Disabilities: Evaluating Organisational Strategies To Enhance Skills Acquisition And Generalisation Across Teams

Asmahan Saleh  
Natasha Attard The Effectiveness of Behaviour Analytic Programmes for Children with autism within an Inclusive Mainstream Primary School Setting
Rebecca Barnes Applied Behaviour Analysis and Acquired Aphasia: An Exploration into the Use of Behavioural Interventions for Regaining Lost Verbal Skills Due to a Stroke
Nurzel Ozkan Gonzalez Examining the effectiveness of trauma-informed behavioural intervention in addition to medical treatment on treating functional constipation in children with autism via telehealth
Monica Millar BCBA  
Gabriella Barrientos BCBA Unpacking the Homophobic, Transphobic and Binary Lens of Prescriptive Applied Behaviour Analysis: Recommendations Towards Affirming Expansive Gender in Autistic Individuals
Helayna Banks BCBA Combining Applied Behavior Analysis and Equine Assisted Therapy to Address Anxiety Disorders in Children


Dr Meral Koldas, BCBA

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