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'Example sequencing in instruction: Beyond reaching into the bin'

May 17, 2021
19:30 - 20:30

Event Description

When we teach learners to discriminate triangle, circle, and square, we are teaching the concepts of triangle, circle, and square. To do this well, we must identify and present examples of the concept that illustrate both the critical and variable features. We will cover how to analyse stimuli on the basis of critical and variable attributes, and the sequence of stimuli presentation. Learning new concepts can be made easier or more difficult based on the order in which stimuli are introduced. Two critical design aspects of how to teach include delivering clear instructions (faultless communication) and sequencing and arranging examples and non-examples (juxtaposition). This webinar will describe the five principles of juxtaposition, demonstrate how they relate to sequencing and ordering examples in practice and can be used to maximize student learning, and discuss how they relate to current behaviour analytic practice.

About Dr. Janet Twyman

Dr. Janet Twyman is an education innovator, thought leader, and founder of blast: a learning sciences company. She also holds a faculty appointment as Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Massachusetts Medical SchoolFormerly she served as Director of Innovation and Technology for the U.S. Dept of Education funded Center on Innovations in Learning and was the Vice President of Instructional Development, Research, & Implementation at Headsprout. Her numerous articles, book chapters, and presentations cover behavior analysis, instructional design, technology, and educational systems, including co-editing two books on educational innovation and personalized learning. Always passionate about education, she has been a pre-school and public school teacher, administrator, researcher, and university professor. She has presented to and worked with education systems, organizations, and institutions over 50 states and countries, including speaking about technologies for diverse learners and settings at the United Nations. Dr. Twyman consults for numerous organizations and serves on several boards and committees. In 2007-08 she served as the President of the Association for Behavior Analysis and in 2014 was named an ABAI Fellow. For her distinguished contributions to educational research and practice she received the 2015 Wing Award for Evidence-based Education and the 2017 American Psychological Association Division 25 Fred S. Keller Behavioral Education Award. 

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