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Series Trial-Based Functional Analysis

October 19, 2021
Online at
16:00 - 17:30

Series Trial-Based Functional Analysis: Advances in Assessing Challenging Behavior in Natural Contexts

Presenter: Dr. Mandy Rispoli

Behavioral interventions developed from a functional behavior assessment (FBA) are more likely to be effective than interventions that are not function related (Carr, 1994). Further, the quality and fidelity of FBAs are positively correlated with student educational outcomes including reduction in challenging behavior, increases in appropriate behavior, and improved academic performance (Cook et al., 2012). One well researched means of assessing challenging behavior is through a functional analysis (Hanley, Iwata, & McCord, 2003). However, traditional functional analysis may not be feasible in educational, home, or community settings. Trial based functional analysis (TBFA) is an alternative model that addresses many of the drawbacks of traditional functional analysis. TBFA allows for systematic assessments to be conducted by the individual’s teacher or family in educational, home, or community settings. Preparing caregivers to conduct systematic TBFA with fidelity is one means of increasing capacity to assess individuals’ challenging behaviors in natural contexts. The purpose of this session is to provide an overview of TBFA and to present new empirical evidence on the use of TBFA in educational settings. Data from single case design studies evaluating this model will be presented.

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