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The Long Road

The Long Road: Defending the rights of children on the autism spectrum for access to the science of ABA in the UK: in the community, the curriculum and the courtroom

Lanyon lit at dusk
September 23, 2021
Online at
19:30 - 21:00

Presenter: Lisa Blakemore-Brown

In this webinar I will be sharing some of my experiences as an educational psychologist within the world of SEN in the UK in relation to children with autism. The main focus will be on how ABA is understood/misunderstood across the UK and the consequent outcomes for children with autism. Unlike in the US and some parts of the Netherlands, ABA is not automatically provided following an ASD diagnosis. I will set out what is usually provided instead and give examples of typical parental experiences and what they need to do to prove their child needs ABA, if they consider that is the case. I will provide examples of how schools, Local Authorities and Tribunal panels respond when ABA is requested by parents; decision making in Tribunals and how Local Authorities and schools can react if ABA is ordered.

        Link to Lisa Blakemore video

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Lanyon lit at dusk