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  • Shared education is included as one of 19 Signature Projects within Queen’s University’s Social Charter. The Social Charter affirms the University’s commitment to engaging with society and highlights its positive impact, locally and internationally.



  • Staff from the Centre have had substantial engagement with government, locally and internationally. Colleagues have provided written and oral evidence to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Education, most recently to inform the Shared Education Bill (2015). In Israel, Professor Tony Gallagher has presented on shared education to the Israeli Minister of Education and senior advisers; while in Cyprus, Professor Joanne Hughes has met the Minister of Education to discuss the shared education model.


  • The Centre’s work has also been profiled in national and international media, including The Telegraph newspaper in the UK, the Haaretz newspaper in Israel (link), and The Forward, a leading magazine for the Jewish community in the USA (link). 

Recent Publications


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