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Impact and Publications

  • Recommendation 1974
    A team from CSE (Dr James Nelson, Prof Joanne Hughes and Prof Tony Gallagher) was appointed the expert advisor to UNESCO UK Delegation on the revision of UNESCO 1974 Recommendation concerning education for international understanding, co-operation and peace and education relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms. As UK expert advisor, CSE led the review of the document and proposed amendments from the UK that were subsequently negotiated at an intergovernmental conference at UNESCO HQ in May 2023. Many of the recommendations were accepted and are included in the text of the international document adopted at the 42nd General Conference of UNESCO in November 2023. See here for details: Revision of the 1974 Recommendation concerning education for international understanding, co-operation and peace and education relating to human rights and fundamental freedoms | UNESCO


  • Shared education is included as one of 19 Signature Projects within Queen’s University’s Social Charter. The Social Charter affirms the University’s commitment to engaging with society and highlights its positive impact, locally and internationally.
  • Staff from the Centre have had substantial engagement with government, locally and internationally. Colleagues have provided written and oral evidence to the Northern Ireland Assembly’s Committee for Education, most recently to inform the Shared Education Bill (2015). In Israel, Professor Tony Gallagher has presented on shared education to the Israeli Minister of Education and senior advisers; while in Cyprus, Professor Joanne Hughes has met the Minister of Education to discuss the shared education model.
  • The Centre’s work has also been profiled in national and international media, including The Telegraph newspaper in the UK, the Haaretz newspaper in Israel (link), and The Forward, a leading magazine for the Jewish community in the USA (link). 
  • The Queen’s Anniversary Prize 

    In February 2020, the Centre for Shared Education was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize- a UK-wide award recognising the excellence, innovation and public benefit of various UK colleges and universities and their work.  The Centre was honoured to receive this award for having made a considerable impact on Northern Ireland’s education system and beyond in the field of Shared Education.  The Queen’s Anniversary Prize is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the education sector.  

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  • Queen’s University Social Charter Podcast- Chapter One: Shared Education 

    The Charter Podcast is a serialised podcast from the Queen’s University Social Charter, which delves into the impact that Queen’s University Belfast, its staff and students have on communities here in Northern Ireland and others around the world. In Chapter One of the podcast, Maurice Macartney talks with Prof Tony Gallagher, Prof Joanne Hughes and Dr Gavin Duffy about how Shared Education was developed in Northern Ireland and how it has grown to influence other post-conflict societies in other countries. 

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Recent Publications


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