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Education With Purpose
Teacher Training
The Centre for Shared Education and the Education Authority teacher training modules for practitioners working in Northern Ireland

The Centre for Shared Education is working with the Education Authority (EA) to provide two teacher training modules for practitioners working in Northern Ireland schools. 

These modules are part of the EA’s teacher professional learning programme, and aim to increase the effectiveness of shared education in the classroom The two modules are Diversity in the Classroom and Making Your Shared Education Partnership Work. The diversity module provides participants with a wide range of practical strategies, resources and useful frameworks for teaching about and dealing with diversity in the classroom. With the shared education module, the Centre provides teachers with a practical guide to the potential of shared education for school improvement and promoting good relations within the school and the wider community. 

Follow the link here for a good overview of shared education and how the Centre for Shared Education is part of a collaboration to mainstream shared education in Northern Ireland schools.  

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Delivering Social Change (DSC) Signature Project for Shared Education (SESP) from 2014 to 2019.

The Centre for Shared Education has completed a 5-year study ‘Delivering Social Change (DSC) Signature Project for Shared Education (SESP)’ from 2014 to 2019.

This work was funded by The Executive Office, Atlantic Philanthropies and the Department of Education, with an overall aim to scale up the level of sharing throughout schools in Northern Ireland by providing financial support to improve the education and reconciliation outcomes in schools working collaboratively.  Over the course of the five years, a series of qualitative case studies with teachers and pupils involved in shared education was undertaken, with the final report published in 2020. 

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A tapestry on display in a Bilingual kindergarten showing words in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
A Comparative Study
Examining the relationships between Jewish and Arab teachers in Israel.

The Centre for Shared Education is currently completing a qualitative study examining the relationships between Jewish and Arab teachers in Israel and how these relationships develop in a shared space

The Centre is undertaking this work with support from Abraham Initiatives, a non-profit NGO whose mission is to strive for full and equal citizenship and complete equality of social and political rights for Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. Abraham Initiatives assists teachers with training for and implementation of shared learning- a similar programme to shared education in Northern Ireland.  

The study aims to compare results from interviews with teachers in Israel with a previous study completed by the Centre for Shared Education in Northern Ireland.  

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Group of teenagers in an educational setting
Evaluation Study
Evaluation of the Collaboration Through Sharing in Education (CASE Programme) 2019-2022

The Centre for Shared Education, together with the Centre for Identity and Intergroup Relations in the School of Psychology at Queen’s, has been appointed to evaluate the Collaboration Through Sharing in Education (CASE) programme.

Managed by the Education Authority and Léargas as part of the Peace IV initiative, this programme supports new school collaborations in Northern Ireland and the border counties in the Republic of Ireland. To evaluate the implementation and impact of CASE, the team will conduct a large-scale survey with pupils and a series of case studies with staff and other stakeholders in participating schools. (Funded by the Education Authority.)

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shared education network in Sarajevo
Development Work
Education in divided societies: shared education in the Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia

The Centre for Shared Education is leading an ESRC-funded project to develop a network of stakeholders to advance shared education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and the Republic of Macedonia.

This project brings together academics, practitioners, NGOs and policymakers from these countries, and Northern Ireland, to develop contextually-appropriate models of shared education. The project also aims to increase capacity within each jurisdiction to implement and evaluate shared education initiatives. It builds on previous work by Professor Joanne Hughes and colleagues, in collaboration with local NGOs, to develop shared education initiatives in Macedonia. (Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.)

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to be completed
Research Study
Shared Education Signature Project Research Study

The CSE is working with the Education Authority to examine the impact of the shared education signature project, introduced in 2015.  For information see here

The first phase of this study comprises survey research with pupils to assess the effects of shared education on reconciliation and (soft) educational outcomes. The second phase complements this with in-depth case studies of practice in six school partnerships, exploring how collaboration can generate educational and social improvement.  (Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.)

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Girl reading a book at library stacks
Development Work
Supporting Shared Education in Israel and the USA

Colleagues from the Centre are involved in the development of three shared education initiatives in Israel.

The first of these is led by Professor Tony Gallagher, in collaboration with the Centre for Educational Technology in Tel Aviv, and supports partnerships of Jewish, Arab and Bedouin schools in Ramle and the Negev. These partnerships focus on the joint teaching of English, citizenship, and maths and science, and build capacity among teachers to deliver shared education. Professor Gallagher also contributes to a project that brings together school principals from Jerusalem to share learning and experience.

The third initiative involves collaboration between Centre colleagues, led by Professor Joanne Hughes, and the Abraham Fund, an Israeli NGO which has developed a shared education initiative. This pairs an Arab and a Jewish school to deliver a series of 8-10 shared classes on a curriculum topic identified by both schools. All classes are taught by both Arab and Jewish teachers. In 2018-19, 15 pairs of schools are participating in the project.

In the USA, Professor Tony Gallagher is leading work with Loyola Marymount University and The Education Success Project (TESP) to promote collaboration in the Los Angeles Unified School District. This programme seeks to develop networks of charter schools, public schools and private Catholic schools to promote collaboration, school improvement and enhanced achievement among pupils.

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group of children from different schools
Comparative Study
An International Comparative Study of Shared Education

Our international research programme supports the development of shared education models outside Northern Ireland, including in contexts including the Republic of Macedonia, Israel and Cyprus. This research has two aims.

First, it explores the potential enablers and barriers to implementing shared education within new national settings, focusing particularly on the social and political context. Second, it analyses the implementation and impact of shared education in countries where programmes have been introduced. (Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.)

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A Longitudinal Examination of Intergroup Contact in Northern Ireland

This 5-year study explores young people’s attitudes and experiences of intergroup contact across Northern Ireland. Surveys were conducted from 2011 until 2015 in approximately 70 post-primary schools.

The same cohort of pupils was surveyed annually from the age of 12 (year 8) until age 16 (year 12).

As one of the few longitudinal studies of intergroup contact in the UK, this research will shed new light on intergroup relationships in divided societies. (Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.)

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Open Day talk
Systematic Review
Inter-School Collaborations for Improving Educational and Social Outcomes for Children and Young People: A Systematic Review

Researchers from CSE and the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation (CESI) are conducting a systematic review of evidence on the effectiveness of school collaboration. This will assess the impact of inter-school collaboration on academic and social outcomes, ascertain whether effects differ according to the type of collaboration, and identify key characteristics that optimise effectiveness.

As the first systematic review on this topic, this study will provide the authoritative source of evidence. (Funded by Atlantic Philanthropies.)

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male teacher teaching a class
Teaching and Training
Teaching and Training on Shared and Intercultural Education

Staff from the Centre for Shared Education have delivered two training modules for post-primary teachers as part of the Education Authority’s School Development Service.

  1. Maximising Collaboration and Intergroup Contact: This module explores effective collaboration and considers the logistics and challenges that arise when schools work together.  Participants explore the principles of contact theory and focus on best practice at classroom level.
  2. Teaching and Dealing with Controversial and Sensitive Issues: This module explores the nature of controversial issues in Northern Ireland and provides research-based, practical strategies for meaningful and engaging exploration of such topics in the classroom.

In June and July 2018, researchers from the Centre also led sessions as part of the Education for Transformation International Summer School at Queen’s University Belfast.

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