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New book by SSESW colleagues

photograph of two primary school aged girls in different school uniforms whispering.

Book cover‌‌

A chapter by School of SSESW colleagues Joanne Hughes, Rebecca Loader and James Nelson from our Centre for Shared Education (CSE) features in a new book, ‘Critical Human Rights, Citizenship, and Democracy Education: Entanglements and Regenerations’. It explores how theoretical perspectives on intergroup relations have been applied within human rights, democracy and citizenship education. It examines the tension between approaches that seek to promote harmony between groups and approaches that aim to transform social relations through tackling issues of difference, inequality and discrimination. Drawing on CSE research, the chapter reflects on a potential way forward offered by the model of shared education. It will appeal to readers working in the fields of critical education, peace education and social cohesion, as well as those seeking to influence policy in this area. The book is available at