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Workshop: “Patriotism, Protest Politics and Political Violence”


Panel 1


•   Stephen Deets (Babson College) "Protest, Violence, and Illiberal Populism in Turkey 2013-2020."


•    Larissa Abou Harb (Exeter) “The Others and Ethnic Polarisation: Repertoires of Contention in Lebanon and Bosnia and Herzegovina”?”

Panel 2


•   Patrick Utz (Aberystwyth) “Changing borders, states and kinship: The Europeanization of kin-minority parties”


•    Henry Jarrett (Exeter) “The ‘squeezed middle’: Cross-segmental parties’ barriers for electoral success in consociations”


Panel 3


•    Roberto Belloni (University of Trento) “Gramsci on Civil Society: Methodological Reflections on the Study of Deeply Divided Societies”


•    CK Martin Chung (Hong Kong Baptist University) “Patriotism, Protests and Violence: Reflecting on Northern Ireland 1968 and Hong Kong 2019”



2022 NI Assembly elections with Prof Adrian Guelke and TBC

Additional event details can be found here “Patriotism, Protest Politics and Political Violence”