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Aleksandra Zdeb

Dr Aleksandra Zdeb

November 2018 - April 2020 (Exlcusion Amid Inclusion)

Dr Aleksandra Zdeb completed her PhD at the Centre for Southeast European Studies, University of Graz in March 2019. She joined Queen's as a postdoc on the ESRC project "Exclusion amid Inclusion" in November 2018 and contributed to the DfE funded "Civil Conflict in Post-Conflict Societies" (April 2019-May 2020).

Her research interests include conflict management and the post-Yugoslav area, in particular, the question of institutions and their functionality in post-conflict arrangements as well as democratization and good governance at the level of multiethnic cities. Aleksandra’s doctoral research explores the agency-structure question in power-sharing institutions on central and local level in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aleksandra has published on topics of consociational power-sharing, post-conflict reconstruction on the local level and sub-state politics in the peer-reviewed journals Nationalities Papers and Ethnopolitics, and in the Swiss Political Science Review. She is currently working on the following research projects: kin-states involvement and territorial autonomies; informal institutions in the power-sharing environment.


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