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Allison McCulloch

Professor Allison Mcculloch

Visiting Research Fellow, 2015

Associate Professor of Political Science, Brandon University, Canada

My research considers the politics of ethnically divided societies, as well as peace processes and power-sharing in post-conflict states. Broadly, I’m interested in whether the design of power-sharing institutions can facilitate democracy, security and stability in post-conflict settings and on how international actors contribute to the adoption and maintenance of power-sharing arrangements. While at the Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict, I worked on two projects:

  1. an examination of the incentive structures for ethnopolitical moderation and extremism in consociational systems, with particular emphasis on the moderating potential of veto rights
  2. an examination of how the values of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security intersect with ethnopolitical power-sharing practices

During my time at the Centre, I also co-convened the two-day workshop, Power-Sharing Pacts and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Constructive Engagements. The proceedings will be published in an upcoming issue of Nationalism and Ethnic Politics

I am currently a co-investigator with Timofey Agarin on the ESRC funded project "Exclusion Amid Inclusion: Power-Sharing and Non-Dominant Minorities