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Allison McCulloch

Professor Allison McCulloch

Prof Allison McCulloch, B.A. (Hons) (Laurentian) M.A., Ph.D (Queen’s)

Academic Profile

Allison’s research considers the politics of ethnically divided societies, peace processes and democratization in post-conflict states. Broadly, she is interested in the processes and institutions that facilitate democracy, security and stability in post-conflict settings, with a focus on power-sharing arrangements. Specifically, she is interested in how power-sharing governments handle political crises, the incentive structures for ethnopolitical moderation and extremism that power-sharing offers, and how power-sharing arrangements can be made more inclusive of identities beyond the ethnonational divide. Allison has been co-investigator (with Timofey Agarin) on the ESRC funded project “Exclusion amid Inclusion”, and advised on DFE Funded “Civil Conflict in Post-Conflict Societies” and JRCT funded “Transforming Divided Societies into Welcoming Community”.