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Andrew Thomson

Dr Andrew Thomson

Senior Lecturer in Conflict, Terrorism and Security

Room: 26.01.006; +44 (0)28 9097 2526



Andrew Thomson holds a PhD from the University of Kent. He is part of the Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict and a fellow at the Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice at Queen’s University Belfast.  Externally, he is on the executive council of the Conflict Research Society Conflict Research Society (CRS).


Andrew Thomson’s research interests include pro-government militias and civilian defence forces, dynamics of violence in civil war, counterinsurgency and "irregular" warfare, and the Colombian peace process. These broad research interests are divided into three strands. First, he focuses on the role of militias and mercenaries in US foreign policy. His book, Outsourced Empire: How Militias, Mercenaries and Contractors Support US Statecraft, examined US support to various non-state armed forces in US interventions around the world. Secondly, Andrew examines the effects pro-government militias various dynamics of violence during civil conflict.  Finally, he also focuses on the current peace process in Colombia in the context of multiple armed groups. He completed a project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund on how FARC members’ interactions with other armed organizations influenced their disarmament process. He is currently working on a project examining negotiations between the government and the AUC in 2003 at Santa Fe de Ralito and what lessons these might offer us for negotiating with these types of actors.  This also focuses on partial peace and the move to “total peace” in Colombia.

Andrew leads a collaboration between Queen’s University Belfast and the Institute for Economics for Peace to create a Northern Ireland Peace Index, the first measure of positive peacefulness in the region.  During AY 2022-2023 a series of events will be planned for this.

Andrew also works with the Asociacion Jorge Freytter and the Conflict Research Society.  He hosted the annual Conflict Research Society conference at QUB in September 2022.

He is currently also working on a book project titled “A Short History of the War on Terror”

Andrew is open to considering supervision of PhD projects around those three research focuses or more broadly on in the areas of conflict analysis, political violence and US Foreign Policy.


Dr. Andrew Thomson currently teaches on a variety of classes at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels: PAI 2055 Security and Terrorism; PAI 3038 US Foreign Policy; PAI 7007 Global Terrorism; PAI 7028 Violence, Terrorism and Security. He also contributes regularly to a variety of other classes in areas such as conflict intervention, conflict transformation and peace processes, international security, international relations, among others and specialist classes such as at the Institute for Global Peace Security and Justice Summer School.



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Book Reviews

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Other Papers and Publications