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Imren Borsuk

Dr Imren Borsuk

Visiting Researcher: September 2013 – July 2014

At the time, PhD Candidate in International Relations, Koç University Istanbul, Turkey

Research Interests

Imren is currently working as a researcher at Transparency International – Turkey. Since leaving Queen's, she has completed her doctoral research at Koc University, Istanbul comparing the Northern Ireland conflict and the Kurdish problem in Turkey. She is interested in issues related to migration, ethnic conflicts and processes of conflict resolution. Beyond ethnic politics, she is also interested in minorities in urban context and structures of urban settlements, such as ethnic enclaves, minority segregation and/or integration in cities.

"The Centre has helped me greatly to improve my knowledge and resources on Northern Ireland conflict. It provided rich material and resources to study intercommunal conflicts in comparative and international perspective. It also gave me an opportunity to interview and work with scholars in the UK and Ireland. It was a great opportunity to conduct research at the Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict at QUB and appreciate the richness of studies on Northern Ireland and profit from the exceptional quality of the faculty."

Recent Publications

Sonmez, Asuman; Borsuk, Imren; Hatipoğlu, Yalın. 2017. İş Dünyası Şeffaflık Sistemi Türkiye Analizi. Istanbul: Transparency International Publications. (ISBN 978-605-82771-0-6).

Sonmez, Asuman; Borsuk, Imren; Hatipoğlu, Yalın. 2017. Business Integrity Country Agenda. Istanbul: Transparency International Publications. (ISBN 978-605-82771-2-0)

Borsuk, Imren. 2016. Review Article: Peace Process in Turkey from a Conflict Resolution Perspective. Insight Turkey. 18(3): 256-259.

Borsuk, Imren. 2016. From War to Peace: Northern Ireland Conflict and the Peace Process. Uluslararası İlişkiler Dergisi. 13 (50):41-57.

Borsuk, Imren. 2016. Violence and Security Concerns in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland. All Azimuth: A Journal of Foreign Policy and Peace. 5 (2): 47-62.