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Karolis Dambrauska

Karolis Dambrauskas

Karolis Dambrauskas is a junior researcher in the Department of Ethnic Studies at the Institute of Sociology at the Lithuanian Centre of Social Sciences. His interests lie in nationalism, ethnicity, national minorities, and anthropology of post-socialism; his doctoral dissertation looked at the nexus of post-socialist land restitution and ethnicity (‘Mapping Ethnicity-Property Nexus: Framing and Negotiating Ethnicity in the Process of Land Restitution in South-Eastern Lithuania‘, 2022). As an independent expert, Karolis was involved in projects and research on minority contributing to following international projects: “Minority Institutions in Post-Communist Europe” (Queen’s University, Canada), “Minority Participation and Representation in National Societies” (EURAC Research, Bolzano Italy). Karolis Dambrauskas has published on national minorities in Lithuania as well as on relationship between nationalism and the economy.

During his stay in Queens, March- June 2023 Karolis will be working on the project focussing on land restitution and ethnic minorities in (south-eastern) Lithuania, with a tentative title: “Post-socialist propertization”


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