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Drew Mikhael

Dr Drew Mikhael

QUB Research Portal (Pure)

Dr Drew Mikhael is Research Fellow with the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust project Transforming Divided Societies into Welcoming Communities. He was previously a Fellow on the ESRC project Exclusion amid Inclusion; he has also contributed significantly to the DfE funded "Civil Conflict in Post-Conflict Societies" conducting fieldwork in Burundi and Lebanon among others.

Drew has focused his research on the marginalisation of newcomer groups into ethnically divided societies that are managed by consociational power-sharing systems. In his work Drew is interested in the social and institutional drivers of marginalisation of newcomer communities. Drew employs collaborative and participatory research methods with marginalised groups to ensure that participants of the project are left with tangible outputs for their engagement. This can include leading capacity building workshops, creating action plans for addressing problems in networks and co-creating policy dissemination so that marginalised voices are heard by important stakeholders.   

Drew’s PhD was from Queen’s University Belfast and was awarded in 2014 and explored how Lebanon’s consociational power sharing employed control mechanisms to constrain its Palestinian refugee population. He is currently working on a manuscript that comparatively looks at different refugee groups arrival and variance in exclusion. Drew works actively in advisory capacity for different international and local stakeholders in different conflict and post-conflict states for large Non-Governmental Organisations such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, British Council, European External Action Service, Christian Aid and Action Aid. 

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