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Richard Hargy

Dr Richard Hargy

Visiting Scholar, Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict

Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Hargy holds a PhD and MA from Queen’s University Belfast. Externally, he is the Co-Convenor of the Political Studies Association of Ireland’s “Specialist Peace and Conflict Group” and the Irish Association of American Studies ECR Caucus Co-Chair.

Dr Hargy’s research background is in contemporary Irish history and politics. He is particularly interested in the impact that aligning external influence to ethnic conflict has in conflict resolution. His current research examines the continuing role of United States third-party intervention in the post-conflict, though still deeply entrenched ethno-nationalist impasse in Northern Ireland. During Dr Hargy’s time at Queen’s University Belfast and the Mitchell Institute he was a Research Assistant to Harvard University’s Professor Melani Cammett for her new book project, Toleration. This focused on how communities reconstruct social relations in the wake of violent ethnic conflict in Northern Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Lebanon.

Dr. Hargy currently teaches on the undergraduate “Contemporary Europe” module at QUB.



Hargy, R. (2022). What ‘special relationship’? How the State Department’s intervention in Northern Ireland 2003 to 2007 strained the Anglo-American alliance. Irish Political Studies, 38(2), pp.231-255. Published Nov 2022

Hargy, R. (2022). The State Department's Northern Ireland Special Envoys and the Redemption of the Good Friday Agreement. Irish Journal of American Studies, 11. Published May 2022

Contributor at The Conversation