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Samer Alnasir

Samer Alnasir

PhD Candidate in Ethics and Political Philosophy at the National University of Education by Distance (UNED), Spain

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Research Interests
  • Orientalism, Occidentalism, Colonialism & Postcolonialism. Currently, I’m concluding my desertification into East and West Reciprocal Dynamics and Narratives, where I focused on empirical analysis of Orientalism of the West and Occidentalism of the East and their postcolonial narratives. Where I have divided the dissertation into chapters analysing each one of them independently to bring an empirical conclusion of cognitive bias and harmful intergroup narratives.
  • Ethics and Political Philosophy. In this line I’m designing my postdoc research, as my current dissertation is done, so I’m focusing in ethnic-belief cohesions on conducting intergroup dynamics.
  • Constitutional Law. As I’m mainly a lawyer, I’m focusing on constitutional religious confluences, through the idea of laïcité, and its practical transfers towards other European and exo-European contexts. I have produced and article, and delivered a seminar regarding the etymological meaning of the concept laïcité through the XVI century until the 1905 act in France, and currently working on the dynamics of emancipation of the Church-State under the IV French Republic, and the Spanish I and II republics.
  • Administrative Law. I’m working in a project to legalize and introduce the concept of administrative protocol to administrative law. I have produced an article to index the concept protocol into administrative law, and currently appointing to how to bring up how the legitimacy of such as acts of public administration as subject of administrative judicial review, referring to Spanish administrative law, and will to go through a comparative with French administrative law.
  • Protocol Studies. I’m mostly focused in the heraldic and public symbolism, and material acts of public power.
  • PhD Candidate in Ethics and Political Philosophy, National University of Education by Distance (UNED), Spain (Ongoing)
  • LLM in Protocol Studies, UNED, Spain
  • LLM in Public Law, University of Carlos III of Madrid, Spain
  • LLM in Administrative Law, University of San Pablo CEU, Madrid, Spain, former DEA.
  • Ph.D. in Constitutional Law, University of San Pablo CEU, Madrid, Spain
  • High Diploma in International Relationships, International Studies Society (SEI)
  • Jean Monet Diploma, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.
  • Furthermore have attended the LLM in Legal Theory, Louvain University, Belgium (former European Academy of Legal Theory KUB& FUSL) and LLM in Military Law, Catholic University of San Antonio (UCAM), Spain.

Current Advisor: Professor Dr. Fco. Colom, National University of Education by Distance (UNED), Spain, ORCID: 0000-0002-7812-4535

Language Skills:

- Spanish: Native proficiency

- Arabic: Native proficiency

- French: C1 (certified DELF B2 nº 090212024646)

- English: C1 working proficiency

- Polish: B1 proficiency (certified)

- Turkish: B1 proficiency (certified)

- Russian: A2 proficiency (certified)

- DAEFLE Examiner Certification in French nº 42665.

- C1 Examiner Level in Spanish for Foreigners (certified)



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Journal Articles

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