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The Dunhill Medical Trust 2017

The research is being sponsored by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust and Queen's University Belfast.  Researchfunding is provided in 2017 by the Dunhill Medical Trust

Chief Investigator - Prof Gerard Linden

Principal Investigator - Dr Bernadette McGuinness

PRIME-Cognition: Periodontitis and future cognitive decline.

Periodontitis is widely known as gum disease; it is an inflammatory condition caused by the bacteria which build up on the surface of the teeth known as dental plaque. Almost two-thirds of those aged 65 or older have either moderate or severe periodontitis. Studies have suggested that it could increase the risk of later dementia.

British Heart Foundation 2014

Chief Investigator - Prof Gerard Linden

The PRIME study was awarded a grant in 2014 by the British Heart Foundation to allow it to continue and complete the 10 year follow-up to identify whether periodontal (gum) disease at baseline is associated with new (incident) coronary heart disease events.