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Prime Participants

What is involved for PRIME Participants

Participants will meet on one occasion with a research nurse to provide a blood sample, have measures of your height, weight, waist, arm circumference and grip strength taken, complete tests of your memory and answer some questions about your diet, dental and overall health. All the information which we collect about you during this study will be kept strictly confidential. You will not be identified and the results will only be analysed for all the men in PRIME as a group.

Thank you

We feel it is vital that we use the information we have collected to help improve the health of future generations. It is only by painstaking work on large groups of people, who represent the population as a whole, that we can understand how and why certain diseases affect some people and not others. We are very grateful for your continued involvement and cooperation and would again emphasise the importance of your personal contribution to medical research. The follow up rates in the PRIME study in Northern Ireland are outstanding and rank amongst the highest in any such study.