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Your Guide to Green Employee Hacks

November 10, 2021
13:30 - 14:15

A straightforward guide to some quick wins ALL employees can use to reduce waste and improve energy efficiency in their own place of work.

If you ask most employees if they’d like to work in a way that reduces their impact on the local and global environment then the answer from most would likely be an unreserved ‘YES’. The barrier that stops most of us from making this change is knowing where to start, and awareness of the wide range of simple things we can all do to make a difference at our own workplace, and even at home. Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching Project Team will provide you with some simple ‘hacks’ that can be employed in your everyday work environment to start reducing your own impacts today.

Delivered by the INI Resource Matching Programme, this short informative session aims to empower employees across all types of organisations, big and small, by:

• Saving you time, by having reviewed numerous guides and online resources to bring you some of the best of the best practical advice on reducing your own environmental impact.

• Green Employee Hacks will give you some simple low or no cost changes that you can make today.

• A crash course on how to reduce personal waste, reduce energy usage and provide you with some inspiration to start up your own workplace environmental initiatives.


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