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QUB and the Planetary Crisis: What is to be Done?

Past Event

June 8, 2021
Online event
12:00 - 14:00

The scientific evidence for our planetary crisis is overwhelming, not least in relation to climate breakdown and the loss of biodiversity. This meeting is to invite all QUB staff and students to come and discuss how we think the University should respond to this crisis. We have seen how the University, like governments, citizens and businesses has had to respond rapidly and at scale to the emergency of the pandemic, yet despite the evidence for the planetary crisis and that the UK Parliament, the Irish Dáil and the NI Assembly and Belfast City Council all having declared ‘Climate and ecological emergencies’, we have not seen any emergency response from these government bodies…or from Queens University.

We have not had any opportunity as a Queens community to discuss this, the biggest challenge facing our societies, and there is a particular responsibility on universities at this critical moment.

What should our response be? How should education provision, research, engagement with external stakeholders or purchasing decisions by QUB change and transform in light of the planetary crisis?

The event will be chaired by Prof John Barry, co-director of the Centre for Sustainability, Equality and Climate Action, and open with some short remarks from a selection of members of staff and students before open discussion.

This event is open to all staff and students with an interest in this topic.

Please come along and spread the word to others within the University”.