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Jean Monnet ad personam Chair EU Law and Policy

Dagmar Schiek has been awarded a Jean Monnet ad personam Chair in August 2011, while still working at the University of Leeds, in recognition of her distinction due to the high-level quality of her teaching and publication record, partly outside her country of residence, as a Jean Monnet Chair from 2000. The initial funding was based on a thematic application entitled “Economic and Social Integration in the EU and Beyond – Interdisciplinary Perspectives “. The research programme remains current: while conflicts around the EU’s social dimension threaten to undermine the EU’s overall integration project and in particular Economic and Monetary integration, the complexity of socio-economic reality defies one-dimensional answers. The question how to reconcile economic and social integration will have to be answered lest the EU will cease to engage its citizens. Since the EU is a “Community of Law”, its legal order will have to contribute to these answers. It remains the aim of the Chair to create an inspiring research and learning environment, offering the opportunity to reflect on European Law and legal studies within processes of globalisation, and the EU’s contribution to enhancing global justice. The Chair continues to offer, within the framework of CETS

  • a series of academic seminars and a connected series of researcher training seminars in EU studies, and connected activities for undergraduate students
  • opportunities to publish work in progress on line
  • EU law teaching in the framework of a Summer School

Executive Committee Members

Professor Dagmar Schiek (EU Legal Studies, Comparative, Labour and Equality Law)

Dr Timofey Agarin (School of History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy)

Dr Billy Melo Araujo (EU External Trade Law)

Dr Mary Dobbs (Environmental and Equity Law)

Dr Viviane Gravey (School of History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy)

Professor Marek Martyniszyn (Contract, Competition Law)

Professor Lee McGowan (School of History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy)

Dr Clemens Rieder (EU Law)

Dr Ulrike Vieten (Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice)



School of Law

Dr Mary Dobbs

Dr Patrycija Dobrawska

Dr Mark Flear

Dr Mark Hanna

Dr Brian Jack

Professor Daithí Mac Síthigh

Professor Christopher McCrudden (GRI Fellow)

Professor John Morison (GRI Fellow)

Dr Dieter Pesendorfer

Dr Martin Regan

Dr Clemens Rieder

Professor Dagmar Schiek (GRI Associate Fellow)


School of History, Anthropology, Politics & Philosophy

Dr Timofey Agarin (GRI Fellow)

Dr Viviane Gravey

Professor Lee McGowan (GRI Associate Fellow)

Professor Alistair Miskimmon

Dr Fiona Murphy

Professor David Phinnemore (GRI Associate Fellow)


Queen’s University Management School

Dr Graham Brownlow

Dr Thomas Hastings

Professor Paul Teague

Dr Julian Warner


School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work

Dr Katy Hayward (GRI Fellow)

Professor Karola Dillenburger

Dr Ulrike Vieten

Senator George Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Dr Eva Urban