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PhD Projects

2024 PhD studentships in MSRC

We welcome applications from students wishing to undertake a PhD in the Mathematical Sciences Research Centre starting in September/October 2024.

Current projects:

Topics in Tensor-Triangular Geometry (Dr Scott Balchin)

Development of Topological Data Analysis Methods for application in Computational Chemistry (Dr Scott Balchin)

Sheaf Models for Equivariant Stable Homotopy Theory (Dr David Barnes)

Real-Time Patient flow management in Hospital Emergency Departments (Dr Laura Boyle)

Diameter bounds for irreducible linear groups generated by long root elements (Dr Sean Eberhard)

Multi-Scale Modelling of Pollution levels in local communities (Dr Arran Hodgkinson)

Novel Higher-Dimensional Methods in Cancer Modelling (Dr Arran Hodgkinson)

Developing and Employing Innovative Artificial Intelligence Methods in Health Technology Assessments (Dr Felicity Lamrock)

Positive Extensions (Dr Ying-Fen Lin)

Machine Learning approaches to detecting software changes for Bug Localization (Dr Zhiwei Lin)

Exploring the decision-making process: a Robust Longitudinal approach to discrete-choice modelling (Dr Lisa McFetridge)

Robust Multivariate Joint Models: Creating an Early Warning System for ICU Patients (Dr Lisa McFetridge)

MINFLUX: Developing statistical tools to automate next generation single molecule Imaging Analysis in 3D (Dr Hannah Mitchell) 

Statistical Analysis of Biological Point Patterns (Dr Hannah Mitchell)

Mathematical models for cancer invasion (Dr Anna Zhigun)