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Why Choose Queen's

Why Choose Queen's

The Queen's University of Belfast has a proud legacy of providing a stimulating environment for postgraduate students since the 1840s. It has continued to advance its reputation as a centre of academic distinction for the last 160 years and is today serving students better than ever by embracing the most effective technologies and techniques of the 21st century. In the postgraduate prospectus you can read about the University's outstanding accomplishments in the latest independent nation-wide audits of performance in research and teaching. Add to these results the prestigious national awards for teaching innovation which have been gained, and it becomes clear why our teachers are considered to be among the best in the country.

The University also scores high ratings for student support and facilities. Reviewers award points for performance in such areas as academic guidance, admission and induction and careers information, as well as general welfare support. Queen's has lost only three points out of a possible 128 points in 32 visits over six years - an exceptional record. Similarly, the learning resources provided - the library service, the equipment, the technical back-up plus social and recreational facilities - have been judged top-rate, scoring an impressive 124 points out of 128. Particularly relevant to those who want to apply to postgraduate programmes at Queen's is the International and Postgraduate Student Center, which makes available a wide range of resources for postgraduate and international students.

One of the less-obvious - but important - advantages of undertaking postgraduate study at Queen's is the University's unique status in the community it serves. This means, for example, that opportunities for field work and research are unsurpassed. Whether you are a historian, an anthropologist, a psychologist or an engineer, you can benefit from the close relationships which arise from the fact that Queen's graduates play a prominent role in every aspect of the life of Northern Ireland and far beyond.

Queen's crest on main gate with Lanyon building in the background