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Sousa's publications


Sousa, P. (in preparation). Harm and Morality--a cognitive and evolutionary approach.

Edited volumes

Sousa, P. (Guest Editor) (2006). Double Special Issue on Folk Conceptions of Mind, Agency and Morality. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 6, 1-342.

Sousa, P. (Guest Editor) (2003). Special Issue on The Fall of Kinship. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 3, 264-369.


Sousa, P., & Manoharan, C. (forthcoming). Agency and morality. In H. Callan Ed., International Encyclopaedia of Anthropology, Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Hodge, K. M., & Sousa, P. (forthcoming). Do children attribute beliefs to humans and God differently? In J. Slone & L. McCorkle (eds), The cognitive science of religion: A methodological introduction to key empirical studies, London: Bloomsbury PLC. 

Hodge, K. M., & Sousa, P. (forthcoming). Dualism, disembodiment and the divine: Supernatural agent representations in CSR. In L. Martin et al (eds), A New Synthesis: Cognition, evolution, and history in the study of religion, Leiden and Boston: Brill.  

Kurthy, M., Lawford-Smith, H., & Sousa, P. (2017). Does ought imply can? PLoS ONE, 12(4): e0175206. 

Rose, D., Machery, E., Stich, S. & ... Sousa, P. (2017). Nothing at stake in knowledge. Journal Nous. This article is an output of the project Intellectual Humility and Cultural Diversity in Philosophy. 

Machery, E., Stephen, S., Rose, D. & ... Sousa, P. (2017). The Gettier intuition from South America to Asia. Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 34(3), 517-541. This article is an output of the project Intellectual Humility and Cultural Diversity in Philosophy.

Rose, D., Machery, E., Stich, S. & ... Sousa, P. (2017) Behavioral circumscription and the folk psychology of belief: A study in ethno-mentalizing. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, 6(3), 193-203. This article is an output of the project Intellectual Humility and Cultural Diversity in Philosophy.

Berniunas, R., Dranseika, V., & Sousa, P. (2016). Are there different moral domains? Evidence from Mongolia. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 19, 275-282.

Sousa, P., & Swiney, L. (2016). Intentionality, morality and the incest taboo in Madagascar. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, 1-9. Critical discussion of Astuti, R., & Bloch, M. (2015)

White, C., Sousa, P., & Prochownik, K. (2016). Explaining the success of karmic religions. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 39, 42-43.

Piazza, J., & Sousa, P. (2016). When injustice is at stake, moral judgments are not parochialProceedings of the Royal Society B., 283: 20152037. Reply to Fessler et al. (2015) published with a reply by Fessler et al. (2016).

Sousa, P., Holbrook, C., Swiney, L. (2015). Moral asymmetries in judgments of agency withstand ludicrous causal deviance. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 1-11.

Sousa, P., & Mauro, C. (2015). The evaluative nature of the folk concepts of weakness and strength of will. Philosophical Psychology, 28(4), 487-509.

Swiney, L., & Sousa, P. (2014). A new comparator account of auditory verbal hallucinations: how motor prediction can plausibly contribute to the sense of agency for inner speech. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8: 675.

Sousa, P., & Prochownik, K. (2014). Religion, prosociality, assortative sociality, and the evolution of large-scale cooperation: A few remarks on Martin & Wiebe. Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion, 2(1), 42-48.

White, C., Sousa, P., & Berniunas, R. (2014). Psychological essentialism in selecting the 14th Dalai Lama: An alternative account. Journal of Cognition & Culture, 14(1), 157-158.

Sousa, P., & Piazza, J. (2014). Harmful transgressions qua moral transgressions: A deflationary view. Thinking & Reasoning. 20(1), 99-128.

Piazza, J., & Sousa, P. (2014). Religiosity, political orientation, and consequentialist moral thinking. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 5(3), 334-342. [Supplementary materials] [This article has been featured in Addicting Info, PsyPost, and The Raw Story]

Piazza, J., Sousa, P., & Holbrook, C. (2013). Authority dependence and judgments of utilitarian harm. Cognition, 128, 261-270.

Swiney, L., & Sousa, P. (2013). When our thoughts are not our own: Investigating agency misattributions using the Mind-to-Mind paradigm. Consciousness and Cognition, 22, 589-602.

Holbrook, C., & Sousa, P. (2013). Unconscious threat and judgment bias in Tibetan Buddhists. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 13, 33-56.

Sousa, P., & White, C. (2013). Problems for the cognitive-depletion model of religious interactions. Religion, Brain & Behavior, 3, 73-76.

Piazza, J., Russell, P. S., & Sousa, P. (2012). Moral emotions and the envisioning of mitigating circumstances for wrongdoing. Cognition and Emotion. (Online first publication, October 25)

Ferreira-Santos, F., Martins, E. C., Sousa, P., & Mauro, C. (2011). Escala de sensibilidade ao nojo: Revista. LabReport Series, No. 4, Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology, University of Porto. [Translation and adaptation of the Disgust Sensitivity Scale to the Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil.]

Sousa, P., & Swiney, L. (2011). Thought insertion: Abnormal sense of thought agency or thought endorsement? Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (Online first publication, September 21)

Holbrook, C., Sousa, P., & Hahn-Holbrook, J. (2011). Unconscious vigilance: Worldview defence without adaptations for terror, coalition, or uncertinty management. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101, 451-466.

Sousa, P., & Holbrook, C. (2010). Folk concepts of intentional action in the contexts of amoral and immoral Luck. Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 1, 351-370. [Special Issue on Psychology and Experimental Philosophy]

Sousa, P., Holbrook, C. & Piazza, J. (2009). The morality of harm. Cognition, 113, 80-92. [Published with a reply by Stephen Stich, Dan Fessler and Danniel Kelly]

Sousa, P. (2009). A cognitive approach to moral responsibility--the case of a failed attempt to kill. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 9, 171-194.

Sousa, P. (2009). On testing the moral law. Mind & Language, 24, 209-234.

Sousa, P. (2006). On folk conceptions of mind, agency and morality. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 6, 1-25.

Knight, N., Sousa, P., Barrett, J. & S. Atran. (2004). Children's attributions of belief to humans and God: Cross-cultural evidence. Cognitive Science, 28, 117-126. [Reprinted in Religion and Cognition – A Reader, J. Slone (ed.), Equinox: London, 2006.]

Sousa, P. (2003). The fall of kinship--towards an epidemiological explanation. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 3, 264-303. [Published with replies by Alan Barnard, Pascal Boyer, Roy D'Andrade, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Richard Feinberg, Christophe Heintz, Adam Kuper, Martin Ottenheimer, and Harold W. Scheffler].

Sousa, P., Atran, S. & D. Medin. (2002). Essentialism and folkbiology: Evidence from Brazil. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 2, 195-223.

Sousa, P. (2001). Bounding culture. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 1, 341-351.

Baran, M., & Sousa, P. (2001). On the possibility of different sorts of racial categories. Journal of  Cognition and Culture, 1, 271-281.

Atran, S., Medin, D., Lynch, E., Vapnarsky, V., & Sousa, P. (2001). Folkbiology doesn't come from folkpsychology: Evidence from Yukatek Maya in cross-cultural perspectiveJournal of Cognition and Culture, 1, 3-46.

Sousa, P. (1998). Antropologia e cognição segundo Dan Sperber. Revista de Antropologia, 41, 187-205.

Sousa, P. (1998). Les citations sont-elles des citations? Langues – Cahiers d’études et de recherches francophones, 1, 135-141.

Sousa, P. (1998). Response to 'Who owns "culture"'. Method & Theory in the Study of Religion, 10, 199-206.

Sousa, P. (1996). Metáforas convencionais & atribuição de crenças. Cadernos de Campos, 05, 63-82.

Sousa, P., & H. Bensusan. (1996). Entre dois iiteralismos. Ciência e Filosofia, 05, 125-154.

Bensusan, H., & Sousa, P. (1994). Sobre o que não aparece (ao Neopirrônico)Discurso, 23, 53-70.

Sousa, P. (1994). Dilema do intelectualismo na antropologia da religião. Religião e Sociedade, 16, 130-169.

Non-academic publications

Sousa, P. (2013). Interview and Poem “OVO NO OVO”. Minority Focus, 3, pg. 4-6. 

Sousa, P. (2000). Respondendo ao carteiro. Poesia para Todos. N.02. Galo Branco: Rio de Janeiro. [Essay on metaphor and poetry.]

Sousa, P. (1998). Poesia de Brasília. Joanyr de Oliveira (ed.), Sette Letras: Rio de Janeiro. [Participation in anthology of poems. This anthology won the prize "Fernando Pessoa" of the UBE (Brazilian Union of Writers)].

Sousa, P. (1997). A Poesia Goiana no Século XX. Assis Brasil (ed.), Imago: Rio de Janeiro. [Participation in anthology of poems. This anthology includes the most important poets of the state of Goias during the twentieth century, and is part of a series of anthologies released by Imago publisher intended to represent the most important poets of the twentieth century in each of the Brazilian states.]

Sousa, P. (1997). Mais Uns. Menezes y Morais (ed.), Compukromus: Brasília-DF. [Participation in anthology of poems.]

Sousa, P. (1995). Sousa Quase Sósia. Da Anta Casa: Brasília-DF. [Book of poems.]

Sousa, P. (1994). O Louco Razoável de Chesterton. Folha de São Paulo, Caderno mais!, Ponto Crítico, 13/02. [Newspaper article on Chesterton's Paradoxes. It is a reply to Marcelo Coelho's article on the topic.]



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