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Organising Committee

Chair of the Local Organising Committee

Su Taylor is the Dean of Research for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science and a Professor of Structural Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. She has been a member of the IIFC Council for several years and leads the Intelligent Infrastructure Group within Civil Engineering focusing on research, development, testing, and field application of FRP reinforcement for concrete structures with structural health monitoring.   

 Su Taylor Reasearch

Contact:  Tel.: +44 28 9097 4635


Conference history and Local Organising Committee

This is the longest running conference series on the application of FRP in civil construction. FRPRCS commenced in Vancouver in 1993 and was last in the UK in Cambridge in 2001. Queen’s University Belfast is delighted to see that the IIFC and FRPRCS Committee have integrated for the management of the FRPRCS conference series to enable coordination of FRPRCS in odd numbered years and that the utilisation of IIFCs resources will ensure the longevity of FRPRCS. The proposed Local Organising Committee for FRPRCS-14 is composed of members from the two Universities in Northern Ireland, industry members from the Northern Ireland Centre for Advanced Composites and Engineering (NIACE) and our Knowledge Transfer Partners working in the area of FRP in Concrete, namely:


Prof Su Taylor

Prof Gerry Hamill

Prof JF Chen

Dr Esmaeel Esmaeeli

Dr Nikolaos Perogamvros

Dr Des Robinson

Dr Giuseppina Amato

Dr Mohammed Sonebi

Prof Ali Njai

Prof Adrian Murphy

Prof Brian McFarland ( McFarland Associates and RAEng VP)

Stathis Polydorou

Dr Tony Martin

Evdokia Gyftaki  

Prof Ruth Morrow

Dr Philip Crossett (FP McCann)

Dr Peter Deegan (Banagher Concrete)

Simon Bullivant (Bullivant Taranto)

Rosyln McMullan (Moore Concrete)

Aaron Gillies (Thales group)

Abhey Gupta (Macrete Ltd)




International Scientific Committee


Prof. R. Al-Mahaidi, Swinburne University of Technology

Prof. T. Aravinthan, University of Southern Queensland

Dr. R. Gravina, RMIT University

Prof. T. Ozbakkaloglu, University of Adelaide

Prof. S.T. Smith, Southern Cross University

Prof. Y.F. Wu, RMIT University

Prof. T. Yu, University of Wollongong


Prof. R. El-Hacha, University of Calgary

Prof. A. Fam, Queen’s University

Prof. M.F. Green, Queen’s University

Prof. K.W. Neale, University of Sherbrooke

Prof. S. Sheikh, University of Toronto


Prof. G.M. Chen, Guangdong University of Technology

Dr J.G. Dai, The Hong Kong Polytehnic University

Prof. J.G. Teng , Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. P. Feng, Tsinghua University

Dr. Rong Li, Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co., Ltd of MCC

Prof. J.G. Teng , Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Prof. X. Wang, Southeast University

Prof. L.P. Ye, Tsinghua University

Prof. Q.R. Yue, Central Research Institute of Building and Construction Co., Ltd of MCC


Prof. J.W. Schmidt, Technical University of Denmark


Dr. K. Benzarti, IFSTTAR

Prof. E. Ferrier, Université Lyon I


Prof. L. De Lorenzis, Technical University Braunschweig


Prof. T.C. Triantafillou, University of Petras 


Dr. R. Eid, Shamoon College of Engineering


Prof. T. Ueda, Hokkaido University

Prof. Z.S. Wu, Ibaraki University

Dr. I. Yoshitake, Yamaguchi University


Dr. R. Kotynia, Technical University of Lodz


Prof. J.R. Correia, University of Lisbon

Dr. J. Sena-Cruz, University of Minho

South Korea

Dr. Y.H. Park, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology


Dr. C. Paulotto, Acciona


Dr. E. Ghafoori, EMPA


Prof. Alper Ilki, Istanbul Technical University


Prof. L. Bisby, University of Edinburgh


Prof. A. Nanni, University of Miami

Prof. S. Rizkalla, North Carolina State University

Prof. C.E. Bakis, Pennsylvania State University

Prof. L.C. Bank, City College of New York

Dr. L. Cheng, University of California – Davis

Dr. M. Dawood, University of Houston

Dr. R. Gentry, Georgia Institute of Technology

Prof. N.F. Grace, Lawrence Tech University

Prof. I.E. Harik, University of Kentucky

Dr. K.A. Harries, University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Y.J. Kim, University of Colorado Denver

Prof. J.J. Myers, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Dr. R. Seracino, North Carolina State University

Dr. J.L. Wang, University of Alabama