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Materials, Characterisation, Design and Test methods

- Natural fibres and materials
- Design with natural fibre composites, wood, bamboo for structures
- Rammed earth
- Cementitious composite
- Bio-polymer, bio-composite
- Test methods

Mechanical and Physical Properties

- Mechanical properties of 3BM
- Physical properties of 3BM
- Acoustic of bio-based materials
- Fire resistance

Hygroscopic, Hygrothermal and Durability Performance

- Thermal properties
- Hygroscopic and hygrothermal properties of 3BM
- Durability and performance of 3BM
- Bio-microbial and bio-degradation of 3BM


- Innovative hybrid composites natural fibres
- Vegetable waste materials and natural bio-admixtures for binders
- Material treatments of 3BM
- Advances in research methodologies and bio-materials testing
- Construction with low binder sprayed concrete on bio-based building materials

Sustainability and Case Studies

-Construction materials and technologies for sustainability, energy efficiency
- Life-cycle assessment of 3BM
- Green and renewable energy applications in construction
- Eco-friendly binders with low CO2-emission and low embedded energy
- Case studies