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Brexit and the Border

Background to the project

The UK/Ireland Border and the Stability of Peace and Security in Northern Ireland:
Evidence from two Deliberative Democracy Exercises


Led by Professor John Garry from the School of History, Anthropology, Philosophy and Politics, the project focuses on the issue of ‘the border’ and engages citizens in two deliberative democracy exercises, one based on 'internal' (imagined) deliberation and the other based on 'external' (talk-based) deliberation.

The aim is to provide policy makers with balanced and systematic evidence, from citizens, that will inform the policy-making process.

As the Brexit negotiations proceed, policymakers will be confronted with the challenges of where exactly the post-exit border will lie and how ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ it will be. Citizens’ views on these issues will be an important factor for the negotiators to consider as the project explores how citizens of Northern Ireland perceive the ‘Brexit’ process and what their views are regarding the implications of Brexit for peace and stability in the region.

The short video below provides an animated overview of the project.

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