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10X Genomics Spatial Transcriptomics Roadshow

In collaboration with 10x Genomics, the Genomics CTU has organized a Spatial Transcriptomics roadshow to take place in Belfast on Tuesday 17th September 2019.

This is a free educational scientific event being held in the CCRCB. There will be several talks that will explain the ability to discern spatial gene expression differences in complex biological systems to allow our understanding of developmental biology and the progression of disease.

Immunohistochemistry, ISH, and H&E staining are foundational tools for understanding tissue architecture, are based on a combination of gene expression and cell morphology information. Though recent advances in RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) have made it possible to obtain unbiased high-throughput gene expression data, these experiments require dissociated cells and cannot preserve morphological context, until now. 

The Visium Spatial Gene Expression Solution from 10x Genomics analyzes complete transcriptomes in intact tissue sections, allowing you to discover genes and markers relevant to your research without having to rely on known targets. Preserving spatial resolution offers critical information for understanding the relationships between cellular function, phenotype, and location in the tissue. 

To attend this event please follow the link below and the associated registration link:

Queen's University of Belfast: Spatial Road show location Belfast