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Advantages of Robot-assisted Eye Surgery

The Advantages of Robotic-assisted Eye surgery
  • Improve the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of eye surgery

    Robot-assisted surgery can apply master-slave control method, enabling telesurgery, in which the surgeon can operate the surgery in a distance away from the patient. Telesurgery is rather meaningful in remote places or hazardous regions like battlefield. Robot-assistance is of potential to save the operation time and cost of eye surgery.

  • Train surgeons to operate eye surgery

    Robotic surgical system can train novice surgeon in a virtual realistic environment technology. The high-quality stereo visualization provides the trainee with correspondence with manipulators, connecting the movement of human hand and the tool tip movement inside the patient and feeding back a virtual sensation to the trainee. In addition, there can be a second surgeon’s console, where the expert surgeon can also control the surgical tool to teach and correct the trainee.