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iRISE is a peer network open to all academic and professional services staff (permanent, contract and sessional) who identify as, or are characterised as, BAME and/or international; to contribute to addressing misrepresentation, inequalities and unbelonging within the academic functions at Queen’s University Belfast. iRISE provides a safe and welcoming space for BAME and/or international staff in Queen’s to regularly meet during working hours to discuss issues and work matters, in addition to planning social events both on and off campus


The acronym ‘BAME’ (and BME) is commonplace within UK and is a broad term to identify staff and students who self-identify as an ethnicity other than White.
We recognise that the term is not without some inherent problems. We only use it here for self-identification purposes, we recognised that it should not be used to replace the distinct ethnic identities that are present in each group. We understand, for example, the need to differentiate the diverse experiences and challenges faced by different ethnic and racial groups, not only for staff and student from the UK, but also those from abroad.

We recommend reading this article by Dr Foluke Adebisi (University of Bristol).

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If you are interested in joining iRISE, please register your place by completing this form. Any questions or concerns can be directed to The University has agreed that attendance at monthly meeting is opening to all BAME and/or international staff, and is not in lieu of lunch breaks etc. All emails will be treated in confidence.

You can also follow us on Twitter.