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Policies and Information

The purpose of the University BAME and International Staff Network is to provide a safe and welcoming space for BAME and International staff in Queen’s to regularly meet during work hours, to discuss Over the academic year, the network hopes to serve its membership and the University community in the following ways:  

  • As a social space, by providing opportunities for staff members to meet, share experiences, network, and collaborate.
  • By offering a ‘safe space’ where staff and students can seek advice, support and signposting in the interests of their welfare.
  • By giving members, as university stakeholders, a platform for engaging in productive discussions to inform and collaborate on action related to BAME and international staff issues.
  • By acting as a platform for sharing information about initiatives and events tackling issues pertinent to its members, raising awareness of problems, giving voice to experiences, and showcasing findings related to the different communities classified under the labels ‘BAME’ and ‘international’ within the university.
  • By acting as a platform for contributing to institutional cultural change, by contributing insights, offering perspectives and raising critical questions in the interests of staff who identify as or are categorised as BAME international staff
  • By acting as a platform for representing the interest of BAME and international staff and sharing knowledge that will help improve decision making at all levels within the institution.