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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Queen's

A joint survey by BAME&I Network and The Language Centre

Cultural Diversity Survey Poster

At Queen's we are committed to promoting cultural diversity, equality and inclusion among our communities. The BAME&I Network and The Language Centre would like to set up a planner of events, including invited talks and culture/language-associated festivals and days that we can celebrate in a range of ways (e.g. culture talks, posters, taster sessions/workshops, performances) at Queen's and elsewhere. We value the richness of languages and cultures brought in by staff and students to Queen's and would welcome BAME&I members, in particular, to share your knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm of your linguistic and cultural events so that we can build up a repertoire and make plans for joint celebrations in the future. 

Note: Each Form is used for one event recommendation in order to avoid mixed information. If you have more than one to recommend, please submit it first and start with a new one. We will contact you to follow up your suggestions in due course for the preparation of the events.

Complete the Form here: