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Final Reflections and Resources from Co-Chair Dr Yassin Brunger

June 2021

This resource list is not mean to be comprehensive by any measure, but it certainly helps those interested in improving their knowledge and literacy around racial equity work in and outside of the University space. I list ten of my favourites books that I often returned to when doing the iRISE Co-Chair role in ​order to keep me grounded and nurture a spirit of critical reflection.  As Sara Ahmed writes in her upcoming book Complaint, “So much of what you do, the labor, the struggle, happens behind closed doors: no one knows about it; no one has to know about it.” This list is made of Black, Brown and queer feminist works that can inspire and drive us to imagine boldly a different vision of universities. For as Ahmed poignantly reminds us all: “We have many struggles at universities because universities are occupied by many histories”.

Shorter Articles

What Decolonising The Curriculum Really Means, By Sofia Akel, Specialist in race equality in higher education

Nisreen Alwan: Let’s equalise our antiracist language, July 3, 2020

Language is important: Why we are moving away from the terms ‘allyship’ and ‘privilege’ in our work, By Dr Muna Abdi, Jun 14 2021

Immigration and Deportation This is not a pity post. It’s an authenticity post, Dr. Furaha Asani, Sep 25, 2019


Dr Yassin Brunger and Dr Michael Isichei were Inaugural Co-Chairs of iRise between 2019-2021