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Virtual book talk with Dr Ebun Joseph

November 2020

Racial inequality is not about where you end but where you start: A case of Racial Stratification, Dr Ebun Joseph hosted by SSESW

The School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Contested Societies, Sociological Association of Ireland hosted a virtual book talk with Dr Ebun Joseph is a Race relations consultant, Director Institute of Antiracism and Black Studies and Chairperson, African Scholars Association Ireland (AFSAI).

The book: With race as a central theme, the book, Racial Stratification in Ireland: A Critical race theory of labour market inequality presents racial stratification as the underlying system which accounts for labour market differential in outcomes. It employs Critical race theory both as its analytical and theoretical framework to discuss the operation, research, maintenance and impact of racial stratification. The framework exposes the pervasiveness of racial inequality in the labour market and present show to use CRT to investigate the racial order based on insight from the Irish case.

This talk shared three key insights from the book; The interaction of class and race to produce a classed race which influence the default positioning of group members. It provides insight on how immigrants know and occupy their place on the racial strata; The migration to labour participation process which is the dialectical interaction between minorities and racially stratifying systems; the mind map that provides a useful guide for structuring an antiracist examination of society. It captured the complexity of racial inequality and the myriad ways race is nuanced in labour markets.