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CP2A issue for QUBGP Tutors

If you started teaching for QUB in a GP practice or in the university since 1/9/19 then you will need to request a CP2a for your teaching role.

To obtain your CP2A, we ask you to complete the  short form at the link below. It should take less than 5 minutes

A CP2A will be emailed to you personally to cover any QUB teaching/examining role in academic year 19-20.

This is also needed if you teach both in practice and in QUB.

Please complete the short survey at the link below to provide us with all the information we need to process your CP2a promptly

Self review form for CP2A

If you were teaching in the same GP surgery in 2018-19 then the SUMDE lead for the practice will have been issued a CP2a for the practice and can issue one for you to cover any teaching in the past academic year.