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GP Clinical attachment availability 2021-22

We hope that you will consider the opportunity to host QUB medical students in 2021-22.

We realise there are intense pressures on all GPs and their teams but also that medical students gain so much from spending time in general practice.

COVID-19 during Academic Year 2021-22:

  • How the Pandemic will impact unfold during 21-22 remains to be seen but we believe the experience gained through 20-21 will serve you and us well to navigate whatever circumstances prevail
  • Please select sessions and number of students as you normally would
  • Intensity of expected student contact will reflect demands in your clinical environment as per Academic Year 20-21
  • Please return the tool by 21st May 2021. We hope to confirm allocations by week beginning 18th June 2021
  • In those cases where offers of availability exceed the need for placements we endeavour to allocate fairly in proportion to each Practice’s offer of availability

We are using an update of the availability tool we have used for the last three years (Excel file attached named ‘xxx-QUB GP Tutor Availability Tool 2021-22’).

Please select as many slots as you think you could host students and please consider taking more than 1 student where you can.


1. Open the attached Excel file and complete your Practice availability Save the file replacing ‘xxx’ in the file name with your practice code e.g. if your practice code is 777 then the saved file would be: 777-QUB GP Tutor Availability Tool 2021-22

QUBGP Tutor Availability Tool 21-22

2. Send the completed file back to

3. Please complete your availability and return by Friday 21st May 2021 

Please note that, at this stage, we are using this tool to recruit for:

1.        Year 1 & 2 Family Medicine (5 afternoons – Tues / Thu. Traditionally open to Practices within a 15-mile (30 minute journey) radius of Belfast but new models being explored)

2.        Year 1 & 2 Clinical Skills (Between 8 & 11 afternoons according to year selected. Traditionally open to Practices within a 15-mile (30 minute journey) radius of Belfast but new models being explored)

3.        Year 4 General Practice (13 days over a 3 week period - our traditional GP Attachment)

4.        Year 4 CCTV (Select availability from 6 Friday afternoons across the year. Open to all Practices - previously confined to those Practices who had physical CCTV hardware but use of a new approach in 20-21 makes it now available to all Practices)

5.        Year 5 – General Practice (2 attachments of 2 weeks duration for all students)

6.        Year 5 – GP Assistantship (1 week. This session prepares the students for their roles as F1s)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: