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Happy Christmas to all our GP Tutors and Practice Teams

Thanks to you and your teams for your incredible support of our students and of us during the first part of the academic year2021-22.

Despite the ongoing Pandemic, you have once again gone above and beyond to provide our students with outstanding clinical attachments; we have seen their feedback and it is very encouraging.

As most of the QUB team are GPs we are well aware of the current clinical demands on your teams and the added challenges of the increasing COVID-19 case numbers and the vaccine booster campaign; that you continue to look after our students despite those demands is very much appreciated.

We want to wish you a Happy Christmas and hope that you and your teams will find some time for rest and restoration.

On behalf of:

Admin Support                           Mrs Christina McQuillan & Ms Cathleen Agnew

Admin Lead                                Mrs Eveline Burns

Year 1 & 2 Family Medicine           Dr Grainne Kearney

Year 1 & 2 Clinical Skills               Dr Diane Wilson

Year 3 General Practice (Pilot)      Dr Jenny Johnston

Year 4 General Practice                Dr Helen Reid

Year 4 CCTV                               Dr Carla Devlin

Year 5 GP Placement                   Dr Louise Sands

Year 5 GP Assistantship               Prof Nigel Hart / Dr Jim McMullan