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New Year 3 GP placements opportunity 2024-25

The aim of the C25 curriculum is to increase the time spent in General Practice for medical students. Due to the impact on practices of the pandemic when we launched year 3 in 2022-23, we were not able to offer 12 full days in GP for each student.

Our students love their time in GP and for academic year 2024-25 we want to give them more of it!

Our plan is for students to have 12 Wednesday mornings in GP in either semester 1 or 2.

They will be in groups of 6 and you will have the same students for the 12 sessions. We would love practices to consider signing up for both semesters. Below is a quote from one of our current GP tutors

"Witnessing their energy and enthusiasm and willingness to learn about GP- they don’t tend to have preconceived ideas so it is really lovely to teach them at this stage in their studies"

We held a Year 3 Practice Manager update for Year 3 practices on 29th November 2023. You can view the recording and the presentation below

Year 3 PM Update video recording

Year 3 PM Update Nov 2023 Presentation