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Year 4 Update Feb 2021

We’ve reached the halfway point for QUB Year 4 GP placements and that’s something to celebrate. Enormous thanks to all of you who have made time and space for students during enormously turbulent times in your practices.

 I know there have been many challenges at individual student and practice level, and thanks to all of you who’ve been so patient, creative and flexible. The great news is that our students are so appreciative and really recognise the value of spending time in GP.

Year 4 GP 2020-21 in numbers (at the halfway point!):

· 140 unique and valuable practice student attachments

· 280 mini CEXs providing unrivalled opportunities for direct observation and feedback

· 30 Wednesday sessions with our innovative Clinical Facilitators

· 9 ECHO sessions showcasing the best of collaborative learning

· 1680 separate GP eLogbook tabs – completed to an incredibly high standard

· Several million emails….

Some highlights:

64% of our students rated their integration into your clinical teams as exceptional (with the vast majority of the remaining students rating ‘very good’) – students aren’t usually so generous in their feedback – this is something to be incredibly proud of!

51% students rated their overall practice attachments as exceptional (again with almost all the others rating ‘very good’ or ‘good’). This is not the feedback we hear from all their other clinical attachments! The students recognise the challenges in practices at present, particularly the decreased volume of face to face contacts, yet they are still learning and thriving. Many mention GP as a career choice they might not have previously considered.

Thanks so much for your successful navigation of the Year 4 GP elogbooks. Not only have we saved a lot of trees, but the engagement and quality of the students’ reflections around their learning have been a whole lot more meaningful than some of the scrawls we were used to deciphering in the old paper versions…

And finally, a comment from one of our practice tutors:

“We're used to adapting to challenges. It was actually a real lift for the team to have students back. Everyone from the cleaner to the receptionists love to see and chat to them. And patients love it too. They love having a part to play in the development of a new generation of doctors.”

Thanks so much.

Helen Reid