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25 things under £25 that will make your Uni room feel like home

Want to make your uni room feel like home but on a budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are 25 things you can buy for under £25 that will personalise your new space in seconds. Warning: some suggestions may be more useful than others…

1. Recreate the university room décor that you have planned on your Pinterest boards with these photo light clips. They’ll make your room feel extra cosy while keeping pictures of home and school friends close. 

(SafeandHip Etsy) 

2. Fight off any homesickness using this personalised photo pillowcase. And even better, it comes with sequins, because who doesn’t love sequins?

(BlingPainting, Etsy)

3. Plan out your coffee dates, nights out and day trips with this ‘Adventure Awaits Wall Planner’. You could also use it to plan uni work, but that’s a bit less fun.

(doodlelove, Etsy) 

 4. Your time in halls will go fast! Get this memory box so you have something to look back on. 

(PeronalisedFor, Etsy)

5. Trust us, these mop slippers are multi-functional. You can slide down halls while cleaning, all while being the most fashionable student in Belfast! 


6. With this wallet ninja, you’ll never be caught out. Make yourself the most useful person in accommodation with three different screwdrivers and a bottle and can opener all in one.  

(ThumbsUp Store, Amazon)

7. Are you a newcomer to Northern Ireland? No bother – this handy Norn Irish slang book will help you learn our unique local language!

8. Say it with neon. If you want to ‘brighten’ up your room with your own personal sign, take a look at this customisable neon light sign.

(NewNeonSign, Etsy)

9. Want to be a plant parent without all the responsibility? We’ve got you covered – take a look at these artificial indoor plants from Dunelm.

(whyShare0, Etsy)

10. Make sure your artificial plant children have the coolest home in Belfast. These fun planters will add a cute touch to your room.  

(TheRetroEdit, Etsy)

11. These stackable storage baskets may be a more boring addition to the list, but they’ll give you loads of storage space without taking up much room. Thank us later! 

(Janse Stackable Storage Baskets,

12. Surround yourself with good vibes with this positive affirmation print. Your uni room is your safe haven from stress and worries – this motivating print is sure to bring a happy mood to your space.

(The Freckled Penguin, Etsy) 

13. Whether you believe in the health properties of Himalayan salt lamps or not, you have to admit they look pretty cool! Add one of these to your uni room to help you relax after a long day of lectures, classes or socialising. 

(Gleam, Amazon)

14. Find yourself the perfect roommate with this fluffy reversible octopus plush. You’ll have seen them all over TikTok and YouTube – make your uni room feel like home with your new fluffy pal. 

(OfficialGiftsUK, Etsy) 

15. Everyone knows that coffee tastes best when you’re drinking it from your own personal mug. And you’ll get bonus points from your new friends for showcasing the beautiful Norn Irish dialect.  

(WrappedUPBelfast, Etsy)

16. Get this yoga mat so you can keep up your fitness routine from your very own bedroom. And don’t worry if you didn’t jump on to the yoga trend during lockdown – with this mat propped in a corner, you can make anyone believe you’re a fitness fanatic.   

(Core Balance Store, Amazon)

17. Play your favourite music (while being considerate of your flatmates, obviously) with a mini bluetooth speaker. Handy for any mini gathering in the kitchen or impromptu picnic in Botanic Gardens. 

(KemisCrafts, Etsy)

18. Stay on top of your to-do list or find your popularity by being the one to create a cleaning rota using this mini whiteboard. This could come in really handy for both communal spaces and in your own room.

(Queenlink Store, Amazon)

19. Missing your furry friend back home? Don’t worry, you can catch up on pet cuddles with this personalisd (and slightly terrifying) pet pillow

(beadsmall, Etsy)

20. First time doing laundry on your own? Don’t worry, this laundry basket decodes all the washing symbols so you won’t turn your white t-shirts pink!  

(CreativeBlossomLtd, Etsy) 

21. Let your parents know someone is keeping an ‘eye’ on you with this cool desk mirror

(LisaAngelLtd, Etsy)

22. This colourful essential oils diffuser is sure to help you relax while making your room smell really nice. And, even better, these are much safer than scented candles. 

(Diffofe, Etsy) 

23. Get your own mini USB Henry the hoover! Henry is your best friend for keeping your room neat and tidy, and he always adds a fun touch. Everyone loves a Henry. 


24. Ok, so these may not be so decorative but these Guatemalan Worry Dolls are said to help with worries and anxieties. Keep them under your pillow, and they’ll take care of all your troubles. They’ll definitely be useful for starting a new chapter in your life. 

(PiecesOfMeLtd, Etsy)

25. We didn’t want to be too clichéd with the classic disco ball decoration. Instead, we’ve found this cool disco ball plant hanger that will bring a touch of nature along with the classic disco vibe. 

(RedBoxCraft, Etsy)  

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