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New Society Alert: Rubber Duck Appreciation Society (RDAS)

A weird and wonderful society has recently landed at Queen's, celebrating all things rubber ducks - Computer Science undergraduate Tim Chan tells us more about the society and how you can get involved.

Row of rubber ducks
Calling all rubber duck enthusiasts!

What is RDAS?

RDAS started as a small group of friends during our upper sixth days when we all went to the same secondary school, and since coming to Queen’s we have found that there are quite a large number of people who share our fondness of rubber ducks and would benefit from an official society where they can meet other people with the same interest.

Row of rubber ducks on wooden table

Getting our ducks in a row!

Believe it or not, RDAS is actually a Students' Union recognised society. We were established in February 2023 and we are a community who like to share and appreciate all sorts of Rubber (or not) Ducks! We were also nominated for the Best New Society/Club of the Year (2023)! We didn’t win but we will try again next year.

Here are some random things we just sent into the group! (Shameless plug but if this interests you, please join).

Rubber duck in front of panda

Making new friends

What do we do?

This society is very simple!

  • Duck Appreciating! - We appreciate ducks that we come across in our everyday lives and share awesome duck moments with the community!
  • Duck Raids - We collaborate with other societies and clubs within Queen's and host events for our members to try!
  • Duck Hunts - We hide ducks around Queen’s and Belfast for our members to find! These could be anywhere from a cafe to the third floor of the McClay! (Rewards coming soon!)
  • Whatever else the community wants to see!

Tim Chan, president of Rubber Ducks Appreciation Society

We love to share awesome duck moments with the community

Why do we do what we do?

Through connecting with our shared appreciation for rubber ducks, we are trying to build a community who can explore Queen’s together.

Collection of yellow rubber ducks

We would like to build a community of rubber duck enthusiasts

We want the community to be able to try out new clubs and society activities, and also to explore spaces around the university. We hope that by creating a fun atmosphere to try new things, we can enhance the experience of students at Queen’s and allow them to enjoy more of what the university experience has to offer!

Direct quote from our Secretary

“The main goal of the proposed society is to give people a space to indulge in all things related to Rubber Ducks, which we think could really enhance the Queen’s University experience for people from all walks of life. Activities of the society will include, sharing photos with rubber ducks, travelling to new locations with rubber ducks and allowing new people to gain a bit more positivity in their lives and time at Queen’s by learning to appreciate something so cheerful and simple. We could also hold themed quizzes and online games. As committee members we would like to hide a couple of ducks around common Queen’s areas - such as the David Keir Building or the Students' Union and challenge members to find the duck and return it to a committee member within the week - if not found, we would reveal the location and move it, thus ensuring no ducks would be forgotten and lead to unintentional abandonment or littering, this would encourage members to explore the Queen’s campus and be more social.”

Student participating in rubber duck decorating contest

Rubber duck decorating workshop!

How you can get involved!

Societies take a short break during the summer and will get back into action in the new academic year in September.

You can join the community by joining our discord server or Facebook group chat! There is no functionality to make a link for a Facebook group chat but send us a message on the discord and we can add you in.

Whether you want to join out of curiosity or you want to get heavily involved in our activities, or you just want to decorate your own rubber duck, here are the links to join the community:


Society Email:





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Tim Chan

Computer Science| Undergraduate Student | Hong Kong to Limavady, NI

I am currently a placement year student working for EverQuote as a Software Engineer. Next EEECS School Rep.

Throughout my time at Queen's I've been on many SU Society committees. Here is a list!

Vice President - QUB Esports

Head of Events - Queen's Computer Society

President - QUB Rubber Duck Appreciation Society

Treasurer - QUB ENACTUS

Events Team - QUB PAMsoc (Physics And Maths Society)

Tim Chan, student at Queen's university