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How to improve your wellbeing during lockdown

Number five: ignore FOMO.

This is a daunting and overwhelming time. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to take care of your own wellbeing. Here are my top tips for #selfcare.

1. Eat proper meals

Food is the easiest thing to neglect and the first to be compromised in times of stress. As students, it is very common to eat junk food or skip a meal altogether. However, it’s easy if you cook meals in bulk and stock up for the entire week. Additionally, nutritious food supplies the required nutrients to the brain and helps you to stay sharper and maintain a good mood. Buh-bye stress!

2. Exercise regularly

During lockdown, getting out once a day for exercise is permitted. Exercising is known to boost physical as well as mental health and helps you stay active.

3. Socialise online

Log on and mingle. Having a good circle of friends online can give you a good morale boost and help you tackle your daily stress.

4. Explore Northern Ireland (virtually)

If you are thinking of coming to Queen's in September, now is a good time to get online and explore the visit various places you hope to visit. This will help you become familiar with the place and enhance your state of mind as well. Belfast is full of beautiful picturesque places to visit. Plan trips and events that will become your most tresured memories in the future. 

5. Ignore FOMO

Ignore that jittery feeling that you should be doing something. Try the ‘Art of doing Nothing’, where, as the name suggests, you do nothing but just relax in your own space.

6. Yoga

Yoga is a great way to maintain your physical as well as mental health. For people with anxiety and high stress levels, regular yoga is known to have healing effects. There are various sessions conducted online. 

7. Time management

Even though you are at home, it's important to structure your day properly. It is good to start academic assignments early and manage your time accordingly. This way you can avoid the stress of sleepless nights, which can lead you to fall ill. 

8. Open up

There are times when life becomes overwhelming and no matter how much you try, things aren’t falling in place. If you feel like you are not able to handle it, seek help from your friends or talk to your parents. 


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Photo: Suvekshya Dhunganai, Nepal
Suvekshya Dhunganai, Nepal
MSc Business Analytics