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Why Choose Queen’s

My Journey to Queen's University Belfast: A Destiny Unveiled

Hi, I'm Ghada Al Fakih, a PG student from Lebanon studying MSc Clinical Health Psychology at Queen's. I'm frequently asked how I came to be in Belfast, and now I'm thrilled to tell you how I did it and why Queen's was my first option for PG study.

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Why I chose my course

I started my adventure with a psychology bachelor's degree and a public health minor. My enthusiasm for clinical psychology and my burgeoning interest in health were both kindled by this mix of disciplines. My interests are looking at the effects of people's behaviours, affecting their health, and how this relates to their mental and holistic health.

Selecting a postgraduate programme that aligns with your needs and future goals is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, I would say that my path to Queen's University Belfast was meant to be, rather than coincidental. I would call it destiny. Even though I initially questioned why Belfast, the answers soon became apparent; upon my acceptance, Queen's felt like a calling rather than a choice.

Queen’s world-class reputation

As one of the elite Russell Group universities, Queen's University Belfast is often ranked in the top 200s (QS ranking), locally and internationally. The two main characteristics I looked for in a postgraduate study programme were its dedication to cutting-edge research and uncompromising academic standards. Queen's is also known to have very high career prospects, and their services to help us students find a stable job are really out of this world.

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I was initially drawn to Queen's master’s in clinical health psychology. In addition to being varied, the course format was carefully thought out to make the connections between mental and physical wellness. The programmes centred on the relationship between psychological and physical health and resonated with my academic interests and professional goals.

A positive welcome and orientation experience

Another significant factor in choosing Queen's was the professionalism and dedication of the staff. Everyone, from the admissions department to the programme director, was accommodating and responsive. My choice was further supported by the smooth pre-and-induction procedures. I was immediately struck by the university's dedication to its students, which made me feel valued and at home.

Moreover, moving to a new country and not knowing anyone as an international student could have been intimidating. But the warm welcome I received helped ease my concerns. Queen's University Belfast has shown its promised rewarding academic journey alongside the new life experience I'm in. It's a beacon of hope and opportunity.

Belfast: A thriving cultural hub

I wasn't expecting the amount of culture and vibrancy Belfast had. Its cosiness highlights its distinct charm, making me feel quite relaxed. The locals' warmth, charisma, friendliness, and breath-taking scenery made me feel part of this lovely community.

Opting for Queen's for my postgraduate studies was a decision void of regret. The university has surpassed what I expected by providing a world-class education and a community of learners that promotes exploration, growth, and innovation.

In a nutshell, Queen's was more than just selecting a university; it was about choosing a path that dictates the future I shape. For anyone in doubt, I highly recommend they talk to people, ask around, get acquainted with the programmes of interest and most importantly, follow their gut. I felt and discerned the signs that led me here, so I couldn't be more grateful for this choice. I eagerly anticipate the boundless possibilities that await me in the future.

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Ghada Al Fakih

Clinical Health Psychology | Postgraduate Student | Beirut, Lebanon

Ghada Al Fakih is a passionate, hard-working, and selfless individual, devoted to helping others grow, while elevating surrounding vibrations with harmony and positivity. She is a well-rounded and accomplished individual with a strong passion for helping others. She is a valuable asset to any team and is sure to make a positive impact on the world.

Ghada is pursuing her Master of Science in Clinical Health Psychology at Queen's University Belfast. She has a strong background in psychology and public health.

She is a certified Emotional Liberation Breathing Practitioner and has completed a clinical psychology rotation at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

 Ghada Al Fakih