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Revenue distributions & reinvestment

How are licence revenues distributed? 

R&E is responsible for managing the patent expenditure and licence income associated with Queen's IP. In accordance with our IPR policy, revenues from licence fees and royalties, minus any administrative fees and un-reimbursed patenting expenses, are shared with the inventors. For purposes of revenue distribution, inventors are defined as named inventors on patents or authors of copyrighted materials. License revenues are typically distributed as follows
● 50% to inventors;
● 25% to the inventors’ faculty; and
● 25% to the University.

How are inventor revenues distributed if there are multiple inventors and/or multiple inventions in a licence?
The inventors’ share of royalties is divided among the inventors as per the agreed distribution in the original IDF. If multiple IDFs are included in one licence agreement the IP Management team will develop an appropriate allocation plan.


Every year, R&E working with our inventors and licensees:
● Receives over 50 invention disclosures
● Manages £7.6m Income from IP commercialisation
● Forms 3-5 spin-outs

The revenues received are shared with inventors, faculties and the University . Revenues going to Queen's are reinvested in additional research and education, thus nurturing the next generation of research, researchers and entrepreneurs.

Our novel technologies licensed to industry enhances industrial competitiveness, brings new products and therapies to the public, and further supports economic development, jobs, investment and wealth creation.

In addition, the creation and deepening of company relationships through these activities supports Queen's vision. They result in additional research projects, broader educational opportunities and collaborative investments.