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KTP for Graduates

Fast track your career

Graduates and upcoming Graduates…Why KTP?

A KTP could be the perfect launchpad, helping enhance your career prospects by providing you with an opportunity to manage a challenging project central to a business’s strategic development and long term growth.

You’ll ‘own’ your own project, linked to both a university and a business whose experienced teams will provide you with full support. Acting as both a conduit for knowledge and a project lead, this is a real opportunity to deliver impact and shape your future career development.

Current vacancies

Are you looking to…

  • Fast track your career from a unique platform?
  • Take on a role that bridges academia and business?
  • Take ownership of your own project?
  • Apply your academic knowledge to a real life challenge that delivers strategic or tactical change?
  • Gain a further professional qualification?
  • Manage your own substantial training and development budget (you can also use this to attend conferences, cover membership of professional bodies etc)?
What’s unique about KTP?

KTPs offer extensive opportunities for graduates and post-grads, as you provide the link between an expert academic team and a dynamic company.

This ‘bridge’ gives you unique and exceptional access to both worlds. As a KTP Associate, you’ll act as a project lead and can expect to benefit from:

  • A fulfilling employment opportunity where you can apply your knowledge to turn a key strategic innovation idea into reality
  • The chance to manage a challenging, real-world project
  • An opportunity to tailor-make your role, as each KTP Associate position is unique
  • The chance to implement strategic development within an innovative company
  • Dedicated coaching, mentoring and personal development, as you manage your own personal training budget