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Dr Aoife Foley


School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Dr Foley's areas of expertise are under the ‘Clean Energies’ theme; wind power integration, power and gas systems and transport electrification.

Specific topics includes power and gas systems, turbine performance, life cycle analysis, wind power forecasting, unit commitment modelling, power from biogas, levelised cost of energy, demand response using intelligent ICT, energy storage, microgrids and electric vehicles, battery modelling and drive cycle analysis. She isinterested in the global sustainable energy transition, smart cities and transport systems.

Another interest is the food energy water (FEW) nexus considering extreme weather events, global warming and the environment. A theme in my research interests, greenhouse gas emissions, energy economic and energy policy regulatory aspects in developed and developing countries.

Climate Change Environment Sustainability
Areas of Expertise

Renewable energy technology integration (e.g., wind, electric vehicles, smart meters), power system innovation, emissions and energy system markets and smart cities, climate

Dr Aoife Foley
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