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Student Finance

What is the latest date by which I can pay my tuition fees?

When completing financial registration in the E&R Portal students are asked to either pay their tuition fees in full or sign up to pay their tuition fees by one of the other payment options offered by the University.

Please see for these options.

For students whose course starts in Semester one:

By 1st November each year, students who have not done one of the following:

  • Paid their tuition fees in full, or
  • Signed to pay their tuition fees by direct debit, or
  • Have funding in place from the SLC/SAAS or other source, or
  • Are sponsored and have submitted their sponsor letter either through the E&R Portal or to

will receive an invoice requesting immediate payment of tuition fees. Tuition fees must be paid immediately following receipt of this request and no later than 30th November each year.

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