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The Pulse Edition 7

A video message from our PVC

Welcome to the latest edition of the Pulse.

We are now in the ‘recovery phase’ of this global pandemic and there has been lots of work in the University to plan and implement ways to engineer our estate to ensure safe delivery of tutorials,  practical’s and research to allow for the continuation of the business of education, high quality research and impacting society.

The first stage of the recovery phase is in process as we prepare to reopen our research laboratories and hope to have our first scientists conducting research by 8th June, although, this has to be managed carefully to ensure the safety of our staff.

There has already been a lot of work to develop the right context to returning in a phased way and ensuring the appropriate safety guidelines are in place to include, social distancing, face covering and cleanliness of all work space to reduce the possibility of transmission. This is being supervised and very carefully monitored and I would ask for everyone’s patience as we step into this new way of working.


In parallel, we will be thinking about our education estate, and will be revising our method of educational delivery to make sure all areas are safe and we are continuing to work on the right plan to be in place to engineer our estate to deliver tutorials and practical’s in a safe way and allow for good education.

The governance of the University is beginning to return to normal processes, leading to the development of a Programme Recovery Group. Each school will have a recovery programme plan, led by the Head of School, to ensure and implement appropriate planning.

I want to thank everyone for adapting so well to the challenges that we have had to deal with in the last few months, The University has responded in a collaborative way to make sure our staff and students have felt looked after.

I hope that you can dedicate some time to resting over the summer period and reconnect with family members.


A message from our Associate PVC

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mark Lawler, has been instrumental in the collation and population of the Queen’s COVID-19 website which details Queen’s contribution and response to the Coronavirus situation.

"This exciting initiative has allowed us to develop a greater insight into the depth and extent of work coming from the three Faculties across the University; highlighting how we are leading consortia and conducting research that is having significant impact, as well as supporting society and giving our students opportunities to work in the community as frontline workers and volunteers."

The website also includes a series of analysis and commentary pieces, and most recently, a number of round table discussions, which brought together expert panels to deliberate a variety of issues and topics in relation to COVID-19. A recent example of which, was the Cancer and COVID-19 panel discussion, led by Mark Lawler, which emphasised the concerns and themes developing in relation to Cancer.


Making the Headlines

TEDxQueensUniversityBelfast: Queen's first digital TEDx event

Queen's first digital TEDx event, entitled 'Adapt and Change', will air online on Wednesday 10 June at 3.00pm, supported by corporate partner, PwC.

The event's new format will offer informed opinion pieces and reflections on the changes taking place all around us a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme of speakers includes some of Queen’s healthcare team who are working at the frontline of the pandemic. Experts will consider what we may learn from the current pandemic situation and how these new insights may influence and bring about positive change in the future.

View the programme

Corona virus representation
Responding to COVID-19: Our Approach

Researchers, staff and students within the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences are at the heart of supporting the global efforts to understand the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Find the latest updates on the work of colleagues, staff and students who are deploying their enhanced intelligences to develop solutions that will benefit our society:

Shaping a better world podcast logo
Shaping a Better World

Members of the Faculty of Medicine Health and Life Sciences have contributed to a number of podcasts for the Queens Shaping a Better World series including recent podcasts:

Immunology and COVID-19 - Featuring Professor Mark Lawler, Professor Paul Moynagh
Cancer Care in the Era of COVID-19 - Featuring Professor Mark Lawler, Mr Maurice Macartney, Professor Joe O'Sullivan, Mrs Margaret Grayson
COVID-19 and Older People - Featuring Professor Stuart Elborn, Professor Carmel Hughes, Dr Bernadette McGuinness, Professor Heather Conway
Cancer Research and Mental Health - Featuring Professor Mark Lawler, Dr Karen Galway

You can listen to the whole series by searching Queen's University Belfast - Shaping a Better World on podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify

Information for Staff and Students

Get the latest updates from the University for anyone with questions or concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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